Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, we just got the CDs in. They look and sound great. We'll be set up to sell them at the theater and online at CD Baby very soon. (You can get them either at iTunes or at my main site, www.TheRealNealFox.com )

The backdrop I designed is ready. It looks really great.

I'm going to be videotaping the show so we can make a promotional DVD out of it. Stu's son-in-law, Frank is a professional video/sound man. He's got top of the line equipment.

We were at the theater Friday and got some of the wrinkles ironed out with Callie, our Stage Manager. So there are a few less things to worry about.

I made a couple of minor changes in the monologues. Nothing big. But definitely important.

Had an interview for Miami Arts Zine, an online magazine.

The September issue of GoRiverwalk magazine, Fort Lauderdale's art mag. has a two page story on me. It's a free magazine that you can find in downtown Fort Lauderdale. And I just did an interview for East Sider, another Fort Lauderdale newspaper.

Next week I'll be giving an interview for a company that will release it in six newspapers a couple of days before opening night.

We're waiting on a couple of radio interviews that should happen. No news yet as to when.

The invitations went out last week to the reviewers from all the area's newspapers, but so far, no one has reserved a seat. That's scary. We've got about two weeks. If we can't get reviews from this production, we're up that creek they all talk about.

Now the biggest concern (notice I didn't say "worry") is getting butts in the seats. I know from when we did "Pigeonholes" that most people wait for the last minute to buy tickets. We've got 200 seats each week for three weeks to fill. And an advertising budget of ZERO. Everything we're doing is public relations. Word of mouth. Listings and stories. All free. All take a lot of work to get.

Naomi's been putting listings in all the papers every week, but for some reason none of the papers are listing us yet. Several of them are doing stories on me, but no listing! And listings are the easiest things to get. You just fill out what they want and send it in. So, that's one very frustrating mystery.

We've got one more Guerrilla marketing plan to try. It's a last ditch effort, but it might sell some tickets. I'm going to get a sign to wear and print up more flyers. Then we'll all go some place crowded, like outside a theater or Las Olas and just hand out flyers in the street. Stu will walk behind me with a boom box playing the CD. We'll call the local news programs and tell them what we'll be doing. Maybe, if not too many people are murdered that day, they'll come down and film us. Worth a shot.
So if any of you out there reading this know some folks with money, or just some folks, period, please pass the word around. Don't make me throw another telethon.

- Neal