Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Few Bumps

Well there's just a little over a month left before opening night.

A few nights ago we went to see a play at the theater we're doing our show in. It was a play where some big women get to dance around in their underwear. It's called, "Real Women Have Curves". It was a good show, but unfortunately the air conditioning in the theater was not working very well. So while the five women on stage got to cool their buns in their skivvies, the audience had to sweat it out fully clothed.

All I could picture was if it was this hot when I'm performing my show, I'll probably pass out. (And I'm not about to dance around in my underwear unless ticket sales are really low.) But we were assured that the air conditioner was on the fritz and would be fine for our opening.

For the last two weeks I've had to rehears on the quiet side. I've developed a small cough and am doing whatever it takes to get rid of it. This show is very demanding on my voice so I need to handle this quickly.

I've been taking Slippery Elm for the throat and tomorrow I'm going to some special kind of masseuse that is supposed to perform miracles. He did a little ten minute massage on Naomi and it opened her sinuses. That was a surprise. Hope he can work his miracle on me.

(* Note: It's now a day later. I've been to the miracle worker. It didn't work. - Okay, to be fair, he said it would take more than one visit. I did feel nice and relaxed. But at $50 a half hour, I'll go with the tension.)

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